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Our CV Template

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Writing a fabulous CV is one of the most difficult barriers we face while job hunting, it's vital to make a lasting impression here’s our tips on putting together a great CV.


Don’t forget your contact details name and contact Details

It’s a recruiter’s worst nightmare when they get a CV of a fantastic candidate but no contact details, add your mobile number, email address and links to your LinkedIn so that we can reach you.


Make sure its relevant for the job’s you’re applying for, if you’re looking for a post in finance but talking about you wanting to pave the way in HR it’s not going to work – This is your chance to be specific on how you can meet the criteria of the job.


Put the most recent employment first, don’t forget to include where you’re working, your job title and the months and years you have been in post – Be honest, if you’ve only been there 3 months state that don’t make it look like you have been there for a year. Candidates have lost their jobs through embellishing the truth and it will always come back at you in your reference checks.

Having trouble with what to write?

· What goes your typical day look like?

· Include numbers and statistics – If you’ve saved them £20,000 the include it.

· What have been your achievements?

· Show evidence of your experience

Try not to presume the reader will know your job inside and out, different organisations have different ways of working and aspects that are included - be specific!

There could be many reasons why there is a gap in your employment – Don’t hide it, be confident to talk about it, you don’t need to go into all the details but just give the gist.


The parts that you add will be depending on your situation but make sure you remember to add, where, dates, type of qualification and the grate you achieved.

If you have more education achievements, then work experience put more information here for example modules or course work that you have accomplished.


Don’t feel you have to add any hobbies here, if it’s relevant then add it – It could be a talking point when you get to the interview.

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